About Us

Minnesota-based Seconds Out Promotions

Was established in 2005 by Tony Grygelko and took the local boxing scene by storm. Seconds Out Promotions’ first contracted fighter was boxing super star and Minnesota’s favorite fighter “Golden” Caleb Truax. In 2006, their 2nd event featured Matt Vanda vs. Anthony Bosante. They broke state records with the highest grossing event in Minnesota history drawing over 11,000 in attendance.

That was in 2006. It’s 2017 and things haven’t slowed down a bit. Seconds Out Promotions continues to be one of the fastest-rising fight promotional companies in the professional boxing and MMA arenas, not just in Minnesota, but world-wide.

If you’re wondering, “How?” The answer is twofold. Through good, old-fashioned determination, integrity and hard work. But also by providing something most other boxing promoters can’t—an insider’s view from an ex-pro fighter’s perspective. Tony fought southpaw at the Super Welterweight class advantage and has never lost sight of the fighting industry from a boxer’s perspective. He strives to be the type of promoter that he would have wanted when he was a fighter.

Seconds Out Promotions recruits and develops the best and brightest fighters and helps them gain opportunity, marketability and exposure to further advance their careers. At the same time, fans receive the highest quality programming available. So far, it’s been a winning combination.

Tony Grygelko

Competitive boxing and wrestling has been a part of lifetime MN resident, Tony Grygelko, his entire life. His professional boxing career was cut short at age 27 after suffering a major fracture in his arm above his elbow. Even 15 screws, 2 bolts, and a wire couldn’t keep him away from the gym. It was a passion he couldn’t deny.

Fortunately, he didn’t need to. Grygelko was approached by former world heavyweight contender, Scott DeLoux, who, at the time, was the MN Boxing Commissioner. He thought Grygelko had all the right ingredients to be a very successful professional boxing promoter. And he was correct!

At age 29, Grygelko formed Seconds Out Promotions. Utilizing the vast boxing knowledge of one of Minnesota’s best boxing trainers, Ron Lyke, the company achieved instant success. The passion didn’t end there. Tony married Katie (one of Ron Lyke’s daughters) and they have two amazing children: Jack (4 years old) and Ava (7 months old).

Tony is promoter extraordinaire, whose clients include: Matt Vanda, Carson Jones, Marcus Oliveira, Joey Abell, Fredrick Lawson, and Caleb Truax. He has achieved great respect and influence within the industry. He’s hardworking, honest and doggedly determined to give young fighters the ability to showcase their talents to a worldwide audience while offering fans the highest quality programming available.

Seconds Out Promotions believes in giving back to the community. They run the non-profit boxing gym, Lyke’s. Lyke’s coaches, trainers and staff have over 100 years combined experience on both sides of the gloves. All coaches and staff are volunteers and not compensated monetarily in any way.

Nic Parsons

As a kid, @nicparsons21 fell in love with boxing as he watched “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler and Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns duke it out on his uncle’s television screen. A lover of sports, boxing, and adventure, he’s a lifelong Minnesota resident. Nic became a partner at Seconds Out in 2016.

His hobbies (besides sports) include traveling and dining out too much with his wife and child.  He’s a lifelong learner, first earning his pre-apprentice electrician diploma from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Job Corps program in 1999. Next came management and marketing management certificates from Minnesota State College and University (MnSCU) system’s Normandale Community College in 2008. In 2011, he received an Associate of Science Degree in Business Management from MnSCU’s St. Paul College. In 2015, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Management at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Future plans include graduate school, likely for an MBA.

Recently he wanted to give back to a school that has made such a difference in his life. Augsburg College has named two faculty offices in their new building, the Center for Science, Business, and Religion (CSBR), in recognition of his generosity. He’ll also be recognized for donating to the efforts of a handful of other naming initiatives in the building.

When asked why boxing is so important to him, he said, “Boxing is a true competitive sport in which a participant can make it really clear who’s better. Both fans and participants are classy people anyone can be proud to be seen with.”